Kulzer Composite Kit

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Charisma® Smart – Natural restorations
Charisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restorations. It is an uncomplicated universal composite for everyday restorations with great value.

It is developed this light-curing, radiopaque filling material to cover your requirements for composite workability.

Your new everyday composite rewards you with great value

  • You benefit from its color-stabilizing technology and easy polishability: These features prevent staining of composite restorations in the long run and thus ensure natural results with little effort. On top, they bring convincing ease to your workflow.
  • You feel comfortable with its easy handling characteristics and vital shades: The composite facilitates simple single-shade layering techniques for natural everyday restorations with great value.
  • Its excellent handling and modelling properties arise from our long-standing experience in composite technology.
  • In short, Charisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restorations.
  • Charisma Smart comes, of course, with the quality and reliability that arise from our long-term experience in composite technology.


Box Contents:

1 x 4g Charisma Smart syringe each of the shades A1, A2, A3, B2
Gluma Etch 35 Gel -2.5ml
Gluma Bond5 – 4ml

Expiry Date: As per mentioned on box 


*Color or actual product may vary from what is being displayed here due to various factor & circumstances.

**Images & Product Details/Content: Courtesy of Kulzer


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