Disposable Underpads

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Wish-On Underpads feature a quilted pattern pad that evenly distributes the fluid with a self-releasing silicone adhesive on the edges which ensures proper fixation. It has 5 fluid absorbent layers with the polymer that quickly traps in the fluid to keep the pad dry. The underpad help keep the skin dry, healthy, and rash-free. It comes with a side seal to lock away moisture or odor and provide enhanced comfort to the user. These unisex adult underpad have a stabilized fluid distribution channel which prevents any leakages onto the bed.



  • Quilted pattern pad
  • Silicone adhesive to ensure proper fixation
  • Waterproof polyethylene back sheet prevents leakage
  • Easy to use

Product Specification

Product Name Disposable Underpads
Brand Wish-On, Made In India
Shape Rectangular
Fabric Non Woven
Absorption Level Super
Material Fine Cotton, PP, SAP, Non Woven Layer
Anti Leak Yes
Color Blue
Size 90X60cm
Packing Size 10Pcs./Pack
Application Hospital, Clinic, Home

* Color or actual product may vary from what is being displayed here due to various factor & circumstances.
**  Image& Product Details/Content: Courtesy of DNR Healthcare


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