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Cardic Care ECG-EKG Electrode Gel 250 ML used for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purpose is a multipurpose gel with excellent conductive properties specially formulated to provide clear and consistence ultrasound transmission throughout a broad range of frequencies, the ideal choice for all medical ultrasound procedures where a gel is preferred. No toxic and irritant effect on the skin, soluble in water and cleans easily, no oil and oily materials, no formaldehyde, no salt. No damage and corrosion to the ECG-EKG electrode. Exterior used in the checking skin areas of the ECG-EKG electrodes.

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Brand Cardic Care
Product ECG EKG Gel
Qty. 250ml & 5ltr.
Origin Country Proudly Made In India
Color Clear & Transparent
Physical Property High Thickness & Greasy
pH Range 6.5-7 (Neutral pH)
Chemical Property No Odour/Fragrance
Expiry 2 Years


*Color of actual product may vary from what is being displayed here due to various factor & circumstances.

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250 ML, 5 Ltr.


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