Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

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Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H2O2.


Disinfection: Surface and water disinfection

Sanitation: Preferred for aerial sanitation and fumigation to kill bacteria, Virus, Pathogens. Hydrogen Peroxide destroys micro organisms 5000 times faster than chlorine.

Dilution: To make a 3% solution: mix 311 gm of distilled or reverse osmosis water with 30 gm of 35% ultra grade hydrogen peroxide.



  • Long shelf life
  • Accurate composition
  • 100% leak proof & tamper proof packaging
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution 3% v/v
Brand & Manufacturer Name Pioma Chemtech Inc.
Product Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Volume 400ml
Color Pure Transparent Liquid
Shelf Life 2 Years


  • 1*400 ml Jar


  • Color or actual product may vary from what is being displayed here due to various factor & circumstances.
  • Images & Product Details/Content: Courtesy of Pioma Chemtech


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