X Ray Film

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The gold-standard in X-Ray film technology

Choose the gold standard in X-Ray film technology. Known for image quality, versatility, and performance, Carestream provides a wide range of film offerings from general radiography and mammography to angiographic, orthopedic and thoracic applications, as well as film solutions for life science research & Dental.

Contains 150 Dental IOPA KODAK Films Size 2 (31x41mm).


Kodak Care Stream X Ray E Speed Film

  • Capture high-resolution periapical, bite-wing, and occlusal images in a wide range of speeds and sizes for maximum patient comfort and confident diagnosis, with Care Stream dental films.
  • Blending quality and speed, E-speed provides
  • brilliant image clarity with as little as one-half
  • the exposure time required for traditional
  • E-speed intraoral films.

Features: –

  • Blends quality and speed
  • Provides brilliant image clarity
  • Needs just half the exposure of a D-speed film


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