Sodium Hypochlorite 10%

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SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE 10% solution is approved for use in healthcare facilities, in public facilities, in hospitality and hotel industries and in household, as efficient disinfectant and bleaching agent.

 Safety Information

  • Highly concentrated, Economical, Powerful Disinfectant, and sanitizer.
  • With less than 5 % Sodium Hypochlorite, making it highly economical to sanitize a large surface area.
  • Only Use as surface Disinfectant for disinfecting High contact surfaces area & public toilets Viz Toilet pot/ commode, Lid/commode, Toilets, floor, Sink, elevator buttons, handrails/handles and call buttons, escalator handrails, public counters, intercom systems, and others.
  • Always Prepare & use freshly prepared sodium hypochlorite solution as per your use and dilution needed


Usage for sanitization spray take 5 Litter products –

Used as household cleaners.

Household bleach and stain removal.

Cleaning and Disinfecting surface such as toilet Floor and counters.

Used in removal of stubborn stain.

Used for Virus and Germs Cleaning, High contact surfaces such elevator buttons, handrails / handles and call buttons, Escalator handrails, public counters, intercom systems, equipment like telephone, Printers/scanners, and other office machines should be cleaned twice daily by mopping With a linen/absorbable cloth soaked in 1% sodium hypochlorite.

Frequently touched areas like table tops, chair handles, pens, diary files, keyboards, mouse, mouse pad, tea /coffee dispensing machines etc. should specially be cleaned.

Indoor areas, outdoor areas and public toilets.


Always dilute first before using.

Wear Eye Protections use safety goggles.

Wear Household Rubber hand gloves Before Using.


1*5 Ltr. Jar


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