Euronda Saliva Ejector

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Saliva Ejectors EM15

Disposable, flexible saliva ejectors made of non-toxic, transparent PVC. The integrated metal wire perfectly holds them at the required angle and never protrudes during the bending process. Fixed or removable rounded tips are ideal for work on irritated mucous membranes.


The copper-clad wire is integrated in the tube to keep it at the set angle and ensure it won’t protrude when bent.


Made of non-toxic PVC without DOP and phthalates, Class IIa Medical Devices with no expiry date.


With rounded fixed or removable tips that won’t irritate mucous membranes.


Give a new look to your dental practice with Monoart® colors.



Brand Euronda, Made in Italy
Model Name Saliva Ejectors EM15
Usage Clinical Dental
Material Non Toxic, PVC &Integrated Copper Clad wire
Medical Device Class IIa
Tip Round & Removable
Colors transparent, burgundy, green, blue, blue lagoon, yellow, pink, orange, lilac & lime
Size 6.5 mm
Length 15 cm
Expiry Date No Expiry
Packing Plastic bag contain 100 Pieces


*Color or actual product may vary from what is being displayed here due to various factor & circumstances.

**Images & Product Details/Content: Courtesy of Euronda


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